GYROTONIC® Meditation Mandala by GYROTONIC® Sales Corp

GYROTONIC® Meditation Mandala by GYROTONIC® Sales Corp
GYROTONIC® Meditation Mandala by GYROTONIC® Sales Corp (click images to enlarge)

GYROTONIC® Meditation Mandala by GYROTONIC® Sales Corp

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Description of GYROTONIC® Meditation Mandala from GYROTONIC® Sales Corp

Meditative Health are delighted to present the fantastic GYROTONIC® Meditation Mandala.

With so many on offer recently, it is great to have a name you can recognise. The GYROTONIC® Meditation Mandala is certainly that and will be a perfect acquisition.

For this price, the GYROTONIC® Meditation Mandala is widely respected and is always a regular choice with most people. GYROTONIC® Sales Corp have provided some excellent touches and this results in great value.

Manufacturer Description

The 14-minute audio/visual program contained on this DVD was specifically designed by Juliu Horvath to help one focus the mind and cultivate awareness, and as a complement to any meditation practice that one may engage in. The binuaral beats embedded in the soundtrack are designed to help lower brainwave frequencies to the alpha and then theta ranges, brainwave frequencies often associated with relaxation, calmness and creative visualization. This auditory aspect of the program is coupled with unique visual stimuli: a vortex spinning in one and then the other direction, then fading into Juliu's original 'heart centered' Mandala sketch. The overall effect on the viewer/listener may be noteworthy. Instruction card enclosed. Approximate Length: 14 minutes

Product Features

Expand Awareness, Focus the Senses through Visual and Sound Stimulation