Happy Mind & Healthy Body Meditations by CD Baby

Happy Mind & Healthy Body Meditations by CD Baby
Happy Mind & Healthy Body Meditations by CD Baby (click images to enlarge)

Happy Mind & Healthy Body Meditations by CD Baby

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Description of Happy Mind & Healthy Body Meditations from CD Baby

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Manufacturer Description

A 21-day program that taps into the power of your mind-body intelligence to empower better health, reduce stress, and create new wellness habits that will change your life forever. Ever wonder why you seem to get sick when you are over-tired? Ever wonder how you could use the Placebo effect to your advantage? Why you can't stick to your New Years resolutions for healthy change? Or even how to effectively reduce stress so you can sleep better, reduce the times when you feel down or depressed, and improve your levels of energy? Introducing this revolutionary new program that targets your life at the level of automatic thinking. Since all of the factors that effect our health, mood and emotions stem from the expression of our perception and thoughts, we have the ability to change that by changing our thinking at the subconscious level. There is no reason why change in your life - whether it is battling an illness, wanting to exercise more, or control your eating - should be difficult. You have the desire, the intention, the courage - but why is that you fall back to square one? The answer lies in the automatic negative thinking that happens to all of us without really even being aware of it. The thinking that controls your actions when you are stressed, or tired, or overwhelmed with life. It's time to break free of those thoughts and allow your life to reflect your true desires and wishes.

Product Features

Four different audio sessions, with a bonus program for when you are starting to feel ill. Every day, for the 21 day period, you will take 15 - 20 minutes to listen to the audio session. We promise the time will go by quickly and it will become your favorite part of the day. Each session is designed to be listened to for one week (or 5 days). Every 5 days, or so, you switch to the next session. It's as simple as that. Sessions includes Healthy Choices, Stress Reduction, Body Cleanse, Positive Thinking / Mindfulness, and Immunity Boost