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Description of Meditation from MAHAMMAD DUDEKULA

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Manufacturer Description

Meditation and the related topics.
(Please note these essays are from 'The Book of Enlightenment' by this author, and may also be repetitive in the other titles from this author)

My Genre is spirituality.
The discussion is with respect to spirituality.
If spirituality is removed from the discussion my books will be meaningless.
If you are interested in spirituality or to know about my understanding of the world, you may look at the following titles:
THE BOOK (This is a gist of my understanding of the world)
The Book of Enlightenment (This is a detailed look at the different aspects touched in the above title 'The Book')
All my other books, including this title, either reflect the above books or parts of the above two books.
For Further details see the author's page.

Who should read:
My books are intended to pre-teens, teens, and young adults.
Any body upto 30 years of age can derive maximum out put.
Beyond 30 and until 40 years if you are in a conflict the positive will be reinforced.
From 40 to 55 years, only the positive if present in you will be revived.
Beyond 55 years please don't waste your time.
Any body beyond 55 years or a retiree who are looking for a pass time activity please look else where. Spirituality is not for good health. Spirituality is also not a pass time activity.
Spirituality should not be expected to bring the nostalgic feelings in the old people.
Spirituality is a search for the identity or to know meaning in the life.
Spirituality is not an activity, it is a way of life.

What you will find:
These are a string of statements and other.
This is based on number of years of observation of outer or outside world and looking into myself.
Also reading or going through thousands of books of all genres.
At my peak I was reading about 1000 pages a day and I deliberately slowed down later on.
The observation of world was not enough, there was a quest at 22 years of age for the next four years.
Quest was bizarre, it takes a book to explain, some othertime.
If somebody had given me all these insights at four years of age I would have used my energies differently.
I am giving this opportunity to the younger generation.
Feel free to use.
Don't worry about going wrong, attempting is all that matters.
This will take you to the next level.