Zen Garden- Tranquil Waters - Relaxation & Meditation by Zenchantment

Zen Garden- Tranquil Waters - Relaxation & Meditation by Zenchantment
Zen Garden- Tranquil Waters - Relaxation & Meditation by Zenchantment (click images to enlarge)

Zen Garden- Tranquil Waters - Relaxation & Meditation by Zenchantment

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Description of Zen Garden- Tranquil Waters - Relaxation & Meditation...

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Manufacturer Description

Water is a highly revered feature in many Zen Gardens, the focal point and the beginning and end of a Zen Garden journey. Imagine pure water… serenely flowing over rocks and into pristine pools, creating infinite variations of calm and tranquility. Zen Garden - Tranquil Waters, captures the serene landscapes of water found throughout Zen Gardens and is the newest DVD by Zenchantment. A late afternoon stream meanders peacefully. A drop of water creates an endless ripple across a stone water basin (tsukubai). A gentle stream of water pours endlessly into granite rock pools. Golden watery reflections shimmer tranquily in the late afternoon sun.
All life comes from water. Water flows within us and around us. Water cleanses, purifies, rejuvenates. Just to gaze at running water, or the scenic stillness of a watery landscape washes away all the distractions of the world, and is refreshing and restoring. The water basin, often found at the entrance of a Zen Garden, symbolizes a ritual cleansing of oneself. As your mind slowly empties of all unnecessary thoughts, envision yourself fluid, changing yet still, like the infinite water landscapes unfolding before you. Rejuvenating and purifying, Zen Garden - Tranquil Waters offers the universal spiritual healing of a Zen Garden water landscape journey.

Shot and edited in high definition wide screen, Zen Garden - Tranquil Waters artfully captures the blissful harmony of some of the country's oldest landscaped Zen gardens...view by breathtaking view. The Zen Garden DVD is authored to loop automatically, endlessly. Just load up and sit back. An ambient soundscape featuring only nature sounds sets the relaxing mood. Or if you prefer- track 1 features traditional Japanese instrumentation (including koto) and adds a sublime layer to the meditative experience. Exhale slowly, and let the tranquil water sounds and images of this calming Zen Garden gently wash over you, float downstream to a tranquil meditative world. Zen Garden - Tranquil Waters transforms any personal environment into your private Zen sanctuary.

Zen Garden - Zen Garden - Tranquil Waters DVD features:
· 1 hour of tranquil Zen garden scene after scene
· Automatic play- just load and enjoy
· Automatic looping function
· Ambient music track mixed with nature sounds
· Nature sounds ONLY track
· Shot in high definition
· Wide Screen
Enter into a fluid world of inner calm, tranquility and peacefulness with the newly released Zen Garden - Tranquil Waters DVD. 

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